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About Us

A brief history of ViewIT Technologies Inc.

ViewIT Technologies Inc.

ViewIT Technologies develops unique and innovative visual sales and design tools for the home products industries, promoted primarily through the Internet.

Previously known as Masterplan Magnetics, ViewIT Technologies Inc. was established in 1993, and is a limited liability company (Ontario) headquartered in Burlington Ontario. ViewIT principles are Ross Barlett, CEO, and Donna Barlett, President.

In the past 16 years of operation the Barlett's have led the ViewIT team in establishing a network of sales, media and industry contacts engineered to aid the introduction and marketing of its unique products, and have created a launching point to establish a dominant position in the new and exciting world of internet virtual reality.

The Products

ViewIT offers design-related sales and presentation tools for the non-technical user wishing to create accurate and detailed drawings and visuals without the need for expensive and complicated computer programs - or the personnel to operate them.

Magnetic Room Planning

ViewIT began offering The Board series of manual design tools to the professional user over 17 years ago. Extremely popular, these tools are promoted world-wide to both industry users and the consumer. Seen as a keep-it-simple but effective sales tool, we have developed over 25 products based upon detailed and scaled magnetic symbols to represent specific objects - (ex. furniture) to assist the user in determining the best possible layout for the task at hand.

The Board Splace Planning Systems

Online 3D Room Design

Based upon the premise "we know what we like when we see it", 3Dream is an Online 3D room planning and design technology is now being made available to industry professionals and general public. The online 3D environment uses technology similar to that of high-budget Hollywood movies, and realistic video games - the difference is that itís over the internet.

The goal with 3Dream is to assist the consumer in making design decisions faster and with more confidence by being able to visualize and decide on a myriad of options and styles when doing home renovations, purchasing furniture or doing design projects. Giving the consumer the opportunity to view all the "what ifs" of essentially any product in a live, navigable environment before they buy will drastically shorten the sales cycle and at the same time greatly increase the purchase amount.

3Dream Online 3D Space Planner