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Privacy Policy

Nov 29th 2007

Version 0.04

1.Information Collected by this Site.

Registration Information:
When you sign up for our payment service, we ask for your personal information so that we can provide you with the services available on this site. The information we require to register you for these services include: your first and last name, credit card number, and card expiration date. In some scenarios your business name, business address, business type might be required. This information allows us to process payments and protect yourself, other users, this site and Masterplan Magnetics Inc. from fraud. There may be some situations that we require some additional information from you to help with verification. The information collected by this site is held in your 3Dream Online Account.
Third Party Information:
It may be necessary for us to collect information about you from a third party, in order for us to protect against fraud. We may for instance use card authorization and fraud screening services to verify the information you have provided. We may also obtain information about you or your business through a credit bureau or business information service.
Transaction Information:
When you use our payment service we record information about the transaction, including the amount the transaction was for, your name, a description of the goods and/or services being purchased, the payment method and the instrument used.
Server Logs:
When you contact this site our servers will automatically record information about your computer that is sent by your browser every time you visit a web site. This information may include browser type, browser version, browser language settings, ip address, and the type, date and time of your web request.
User Communications:
We may retain any communications made to or through this site or to Masterplan Magnetics Inc.. We may retain this information in order to process your requests, respond to inquiries and to continue to develop our products and services.
Some of the links on this site may contain formatting that would allow us to track their usage. This information may be used to improve our services, search utilities, advertising and content.
Affiliated Sites:
Some of the content on our site is offered by or through affiliated sites. Those affiliated sites have their own applicable privacy policies and you are encouraged to read and understand those policies. Your information may be sent to or from these affiliated sites in order to properly process your requests or inquiries and to ensure the proper function of this site and its services. Personal information received by this site from affiliated sites is handled according to this privacy policy.

2.Use of Collected Information

We will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. We will only use or share your information with a third party in the following circumstances:

  • As necessary to process your transaction and maintain your 3Dream Online Account. As with any credit card payment, we must share the card numbers and name of the card owner with the banks and other financial institutions involved in processing credit card transactions.
  • We may share information that is not personally identifiable, with third parties. Information shared would be used for such purposes as statistical information about the percentage of users in a geographical area, the percentage of a specific type of payment method,etc... Information used is not personally identifiable unless you provide us with specific permission to use such information.
  • We may share information to third party agents or contractors for the purposes of improving the quality and/or performance of the products and services on this site, only when disclosure of such information is absolutely necessary to fulfill the tasks we have assigned to them. Agreements and contracts made with third parties for this type of work, would require them to uphold the terms of this privacy policy. Failure to uphold the terms of this privacy policy by an involved third party would result in the termination of all contracts and agreements with said party and criminal prosecution.

3.Information Sent to your Computer

Cookies: When you visit our site or login to our site, our servers will send a piece of information to your computer known as a “cookie”. This “cookie” contains information that identifies your browser session and required login information to pages hosted on our sites. The “cookie” provides our site with the credentials of your account so that you may use the products and services offered by this site. We may send one or more “cookies” on each visit to the site.

Most browsers are setup to automatically receive and accept “cookies”, however it is possible that your computers browser may be setup to block “cookies”. If your computer is setup this way this site will be unable to provide you with all of its available services.

4.Updating Your Personal Information

If you wish to update your personal or payment information you can do so by logging into your 3Dream Online Account, this will allow you to make any necessary changes as well as view your account details.

If you wish to disable your account, you can do so by visiting the company administration page of the site. If you do so, your account information will no longer be accessible by you, but will remain in our systems for auditing and reporting needs, as well as to continue to prevent and protect against fraud and any other misconduct. If you disable your account your personal information will not be used except for the purposes stated above. Your personal information may be deleted if it is no longer required by us or if we are required to remove it by law.

If you wish to re-enable your account you can do so by selecting a new account type. Re-enabling an account will require the same verification process as when you initially registered with the site. Accounts that have been disabled for longer than 90 days may be deleted, thus cannot be re-enabled and will require you to register a new account.


Our policy is to restrict access to personal information to only those employees of Masterplan Magnetics Inc. its agents and contractors who need to know the information in order to provide this sites products and services to you. Individuals responsible for your personal information are bound to keep such personal information confidential and are subject to discipline, which may include termination and legal action if they fail to keep such information confidential.

We employ several technologies intended to keep your personal information confidential and to prevent unauthorized alteration, modification, deletion or disclosure. These practices may include reviews of data storage practices, security measures and physical measures.

6.Changes to the Policy

Although we reserve the right to alter this policy at any time, we will not reduce your rights under this policy without your explicit consent to do so. If there are to be significant changes to this policy we will do our best to notify you in several methods including: posting on this page, posting on your account login page, by email. Versions of this page can be identified by the date and version number at the beginning of this document. For review purposes we will keep prior versions of this document. If you wish to obtain a prior version for review email us at: [email protected].

If you have any questions about this policy, or require more information about how we collect your personal information, you can contact us at.

[email protected].

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