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Refund Policy

No part of this Return/Refund Policy shall overrule the Privacy Policy or the Terms of Service(EULA) for 3dream.net.

All new accounts are offered a free '3Dream Basic' account of the 3dream.net service except where the account is in violation of the Privacy Policy or Terms of service. To gain added functionality users may upgrade their account at any time for additional charges.

Monthly Invoices

3Dream accounts with a monthly subscription price are invoiced on the 1st day of the following month. Example: charges for the month of January are invoiced on the 1st of February, charges for the month of July are invoiced on the 1st of August.

When the user changes account type (upgrade or downgrade), monthly charges are prorated on invoice for the number of days the account was active. Example: User upgrades from the free Basic account on the 11th of June, the invoice on the 1st of July will be prorated for 20/30 days x the monthly rate.

Recurring accounts

All accounts marked as 'Recurring Auto-Renew' will automatically renew on the 1st of the month providing the previous months charges are paid in full or the user chooses to suspend their account by visiting 'My Account' - 'Company Details'.

Invoices in default

If a user's billing information is incorrect or out of date and the invoice on the 1st of the month is not paid, the user's account will be immediately suspended until which time the information is corrected. Upon the next log-in by the user, the billing information will need to be updated before the account becomes active again. Paying unpaid invoices will immediately reactivate the account and the next invoice will be prorated. Example: user's June invoice status is unpaid. User logs in on the 5th of July, updates or corrects billing information in order to pay June invoice. August 1st invoice will be prorated for 27 days of July, (5th to the 31st).

After a period of 90 days suspended accounts will be permanently deleted.

If at any time the user feels that they are no longer interested in maintaining their account they may cancel their subscription from the Company Administration Page.

Accounts canceled inside a purchased period (a month, or a year) are required to pay in full for the period of time that they have been invoiced. Example: User cancels account on the 15th of March, invoice on the 1st of April is not prorated. The invoice amount is the monthly subscription price. The account remains active for use up until the end of the month of March, at which time it will be suspended.

Accounts found to be in violation of the Privacy Policy or Terms of Service (EULA) will not be refunded upon cancellation.

No account disputes will be tended to beyond 30 days.

If you have any questions regarding this return policy please email [email protected] or phone from 9am - 5pm EST toll free at 1.800.449.9984.