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3D Living Room plan created in 3Dream

Details for Vendors & Manufacturers

3Dream is more than just a 3D room planner -

it is a virtual showroom opportunity. This online program links designers, retailers, manufacturers & consumers. Our unique design environment lets customers see their rooms including your products securing the sale and reducing returns. With even basic computer skills, users can easily navigate and design in 3Dream.

3Dream Embedded

Bring cost effective 3D room planning to your website. Create (or have us create) a number of 3D room scenes with your products(or generic) for your customers to plan in. A selection of rooms is embedded into your website with one simple line of code. (we use an iFrame for you techies) Users can resize the rooms, add and remove items, move things around and change fabrics and finishes as they please.

Product Submission

Submit your product inventory to 3Dream for use by the 3Dream community of professional designers, decorators and stagers. Allow design professionals to plan customers spaces with your furniture, accessories, fabrics, building supplies, paints, etc.

Custom Applications

Can't find what you're looking for?
No problem. We've got nerds with glasses, pocket protectors and itchy fingers waiting to create what you need. We specialize in 2D and 3D web app's. The 3Dream engine can be modified to view virtually anything in 3D over the web.