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Let 3Dream users acces your items

Product Submission

Feature your products in 3Dream.net. Increase visibility by accessing the 3Dream community of Interior Designers, Decorators, Stagers, Retailers, etc. by allowing them to plan with your products in 3Dream.

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About 3Dream Product Submission

Create walls and space plan in Blue Print view

Space plan and change materials in 2D view

Navigate, change materials, take snap-shots in 3D

Generate an itemized shopping lists.
See a pdf shopping list example.

3Dream is much more than just a 3D room planner...

This online program is the link connecting designers, retailers, manufacturers & consumers. Offering unparalleled access, this unique design environment lets customers envision their rooms - with your items in it. With even the most basic computer skills, users can easily and comfortably navigate and design with the 3Dream planner.

3Dream is all about options. With Brick & Mortar stores struggling to inventory a multitude of options, they're usually not able to display all of your offerings on their showroom floor -but they can now show them in the 3Dream's virtual world. Featured in stunning realistic rooms, your products can be selected and modified according to your available options such as; finish, fabric, style, size, etc.- then a detailed personalized shopping list can be generated. Increase your brand exposure to retailers, design professionals and consumers.

  • Showcase your products in your own 3Dream Virtual Product Mall
  • Accessed through the internet, the 3Dream website is hosted on our secure servers
  • Users can search your products under your Manufacturers 'tab' listing in 3Dream
  • Access to homeowners through retailer / dealer networks

Access to target markets

  • Give retailers the tools they need to sell more of your products
  • 65,000+ Design professionals - access to these potential promoters of your items
  • 30,000+ Decorators, Stagers, Re-designers, Builders, etc.
  • Countless homeowners

3D Catalogue Creation / Product Upload

  • Give 3Dream designers access to your entire catalogue or start with your top 10-20%
  • Have your catalogue loaded into 3Dream as 3D models with all of their applicable options
  • Object properties and specifications are listed for each individual 3D modeled product
  • Feature new items you can maintain your own digital showroom
  • Products are easily found in keyword search - listed in all applicable categories

Lead Generation

  • Expand your client base The community of 3Dream users specifying products in their designs can access your virtual catalogue of 3D models
  • 3Dream users creating room plans with your products can generate and print shopping lists - then be directed to their local dealer to shop for your products
  • Receive detailed product use reports of what, when and where items were used in designs

Training supplied

  • 1 hour remote orientation training for your 3Dream Virtual Showroom Administrator
  • Live customer care and technical support is just an email or call away

Fee Structure

Account set up (1st year set up includes):

(Account duration 1 year, renewable annually)

Catalog Upload of 3D models
  • Catalogue Upload work with your 3Dream Administrator to upload new models to the 3Dream database
Branding for Vendor / with 3Dream Virtual Showroom Administrator
  • Company information page
  • Product maintenance, catalogue training and support
  • Reports Branding; custom reports available
  • Technical Support
  • 3 house accounts (3Dream PRO 'users' accounts), multiple access accounts plans available
Train 3Dream Virtual Showroom Administrator
  • 1 hour remote orientation / training of your 3Dream Virtual Showroom Administrator
  • 1 hour help Administrator establish account, logo, customized reports, permissions, (turning functions on / off as suitable to Vendor, determine who receives leads, etc.
Lead Generation
  • Incoming leads will be forwarded to designated Vendor contact for redirection to Vendors dealer network

Fee $ 995.00

Account maintenance (2nd year +):

(Annual maintenance, includes program updates)

Catalog Upload of 3D models
  • Continued housing of product catalog accessible by 3Dream users
Administrator assistance
  • 1 hour refresher training for your 3Dream Virtual Showroom Administrator
  • Technical Support and Maintenance
Lead Generation
  • Leads will be forwarded to designated Vendor contact

* after 1st year

Fee $ 500.00 annually

Product Modeling Fees

The 3Dream planner utilizes replicas of real items. As such Vendor products need to be modeled in 3D. These models are a digital asset and are owned by the Vendor. They can be locked with specific sizes, options, finishes etc. or they can be fully customized and scaled by 3Dream users.

Model Creation Services fee is per item and is a one time asset cost
  • Fees range from $50-$200 - dependent upon complexity of the item. We can quote fixed prices for modeling services based on model qty required
  • Suggestion - Start with the top 10% - 20% of your best sellers and introductions
  • Cost comparison - analyze your current spend on commercial photography or your products, and trade magazine display ads, etc

Please note, model costs are based on unique items created. Ie; Round table (available in various sizes and finishes) = only one model. Upon analysis of your product catalogue exact pricing will be provided in your written proposal.

Product Slots

Product Slots think of it as rental of exhibit space in a virtual mall. As low as $10.00 per item, Product Slot costs are based on the number of product listings required in 3Dream - the more items you have the less each item will cost per slot. Product slots are billed annually.

Technical Information

Requirements for optimum use:

  • Create 3D models of your entire product line and upload the catalogue into 3Dream making it accessible to retailers, design professionals and consumers
  • A 3Dream trained employee responsible for; uploading new models - maintaining new and discontinued product information administration of Dealer network and sub-accounts
  • Windows Operating System - Desktop or Notebook PC, with color printer - upgraded graphics card and high speed Internet access (DSL minimum) 3Dream.net uses very similar technology that video games adopt. As such, the computer and hardware greatly affect the performance that your experience. There are four essential components that will enhance the experience, and the following chart represents good, better and best scenarios when evaluating your existing computer equipment, or looking at upgrading.
Component   Good Better Best
Computer processor (CPU) speed   1Ghz 2Ghz. 3-4Ghz.
Memory (RAM)   512 Mb 1 Gig. 3-4 Gig.
Internet Connection   DSL Cable T1
Video Card (3D Graphics Card) ATI Radeon x1300 (256 Mb) HD 3650 (256 Mb) HD 4850 (1 Gig.)
- or - Nvidia Geforce 7600 (256 Mb) 8600 GTS (256 Mb) 9800 GT (1 Gig.)

Mac users: 3Dream will only run on Mac computers running Boot Camp and Windows operating system.