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The Board™ - Residential Room Planner

Fast Room Planning Away From the Computer:

The Board Space Planning Systems

Easy, Accurate Room Plans in Minutes!

The Residential Room Planner is a must for the serious interior design professional who knows the value of their time. No more hand drawings, spending hour upon hour adding the finishing touches to your final drawing, only to have the client make those all too common little changes.

This planner aids the designer in creating living spaces through the use of over 900 graphically-detailed magnetic symbols (scaled 1/4" = 1ft) on four pages.

The Residential Planner includes the following:

  • High quality supported vinyl housing binder
  • Over 3200 square foot planning grid board (1/4" scale)
  • Over 900 magnetic furniture symbols (1/4" scale)
  • Spare magnets (blank)
  • Project information card
  • Wet-erase pen
  • Paper holder corners (x4)
  • 8" magnetic ruler
  • Manual that includes hints, tips and a guide
  • FREE replacement of lost parts for the life of your kit!
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