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Upcoming Shows

Visit us at these upcoming shows.

Recent Event Details

GTA Home & Reno Show; in Partnership with SOFA

Feb 12-15, 2016
Hall 2, Main Stage Panel Talk & Hall 2, Booth #220

Feb. 12 @ 9am - join us for a lively panel talk on cutting edge technologies for Interior Designers Feb. 12-15 - Experience Design like never before! Stop by our Experiential display to learn about & play with 3D Design, Augment / Virtual Design/ 360 Cameras and 3D photography.

2016 NASMM Conference

Feb 25-28, 2016
Marketplace, Booth # 22 La Cantera Country Hill Resort, San Antonio, TX

New design opportunities! Services for Seniors. https://www.nasmm.org/education/conf2016/index.cfm

High Point Market Seminar - Retailer uses 3Dream to blow the lid off her sales

Oct 23, 2016
RRC Furniture Plaza

October 23 4:00pm-5:00pm. "Transforming a Stagnant Family Business into a Money-Making Machine." Join retailer Kimmberly Capone as she guides you through her dramatic personal journey of transforming a stagnant 40 year old family business into a money-making machine. Faced with a failing family furniture business, and suddenly finding herself at the helm, Kimmberly Capone was absolutely certain of one thing: the business would not fail under her watch. Attendees will get to share in Kimmberly's experiences, challenges, decisions, what technology she uses, and how it all works together to create a personalized shopping experience that 'rocks'. Presented by Kimmberly Capone, Owner Treasures, & Ross Barlett, CEO ViewIT Technologies/3Dream. If you are going to High Point, do not miss this session.

Upcoming Event Details
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Hands-on training session.

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Hands-on Workshops

We will be offering various workshops throughout the year. Locations and dates to be announced.

On-Site Training

If you have a number of interior professionals interested in learning 3Dream, we can come to you. Contact us for more information