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See what our users have to say about 3Dream!

"...my furniture sales have probably quadrupled."

— Jodi Mason
Interior Designer

"3Dream has been just that.....a dream to work with and a God send to my design process. I am often chatting up the wonders of your product to my design colleagues and love showing off some of those projects on my IPhone.

Thank-you, "

Gail Allen-Cyr
Interior Designer

"I would rather work with this program than sleep or eat chocolate! Sandra, I was at the High Point seminar and absolutely love this program. I used this for a visual on a commercial project I am currently working on.

I have also used it (3Dream) in several residential applications that I am also working on.

This is FUN!"

Diane D., LLC
Interior Designer

"I am off and running with your program. I love it. Very user friendly and it looks great. I am using it to create my youth furniture showroom, inspire my sales people and use it for customerís rooms."

Youth furniture retailer

"I had the pleasure of working with Margi Kyle in Atlanta last week and she had great things to say about 3Dream. This is a great tool and I am looking forward to using it in my business and sharing it with my students!"

Dewey Color Instructor

"I just arrived back to my office, downloaded your guide and am getting ready to make some incredible presentations! Iím really excited. I will let you know how it goes..."


"I think the ease with which you can experiment, changing fabrics and colors, helps people realize their goal to create homes that are a personal expression of their own style."

Jim Gabbert

"I am very excited to use the program and absolutely love the feature of being able to set up a client project and then sending it off in a PDF file; great professional image and time saver!"


"3Dreamís online program is simply magnificent! 3Dream.net has helped transform my business by allowing me to create perfect virtual images of my clientsí designed rooms. As new images are constantly being added, there is always an enormous selection of furnishings to choose from. The space planning tools are fun and easy to use. The interactive customer service is outstanding. To operate successfully in this fast-paced technological society, 3dream is an essential tool for interior designers."

Rachel J.
Interior designer

"3Dream is an amazing piece of technology, and the ability to 'see it' before they (the clients) 'buy it' will make a huge difference in increasing the designer's profits and client satisfaction"

Pamela White
Chief Executive of the Interior Design Society

"I was thrilled when I was introduced to 3Dream.net. I never learned Cad and was never proud of my hand renderings. Our clients want instant gratification and within 2-3 hours of returning to my office after the initial consultation, I can email my client complete renderings from the blueprint to 3D in minutes. It is very professional, easy and fun to work with. It is my new ADDICTION!"


"I have had 3Dream for over a year and find it invaluable! I have used it for Staging to Sell Projects, Staging to Live Projects and planning my warehouse space. Itís wonderful. The program is very easy to maneuver while planning the scene as well as showing the final result to clients. They love it! Itís brilliant! As the Staging industry moves forward, I see Virtual Staging becoming more & more common. 3Dream is the future of Virtual Staging in my business. Try it you will like it!"

Jan Whitlow, Lifetime ASPM, IAHSP
Professional Stager & Redesigner
Owner/Principle - Selling Edge, LLC