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System Requirements

What kind of computer do I need to use 3Dream?

3Dream uses a Windows based PC, and uses Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Firefox and Chrome.

For Windows 8 computers, please download the Firefox browser from www.mozilla.org

Click here for the minimum requirements to run 3Dream

I am looking for a new computer, what should I look for to get the most out of 3Dream?

Good Question, when at a computer store, ask the sales representative for help finding a computer that will allow you to play 3D video games. The sales representative will understand that you want a PC that has a sophisticated 3D video card for DirectX™ applications.

The basic rule is the better the video card, the better the results. This can range between $100 for a decent video card to $500-1000 for a very good video card.

Do I have to be connected to the internet to use 3Dream?

Yes. An internet connection is necessary to use 3Dream, the faster/better the connection the better the results.

Is there any software to load?

To use 3Dream you will have to install a 3D viewer plug-in much like Adobe Flash™.