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What is 3Dream?

The concept of 3Dream, Dream, Design, Deliver, is to link your design creations to real world items, in a virtual world environment. This allows you to create your client's space, add your design touches, and then sell your project in its entirety with automatic presentation reports and walk-through tours. You will be able to search and select any design decision items such as wall treatments, window treatments, flooring types, furniture, etc, and place these items in your plan by simply dragging the item using your mouse onto your planning area.


I am located outside of Canada and the United States. Can I still use 3Dream?

Yes! 3Dream.net is an online web based program. As long as you have internet services, you can access your account from anywhere on the globe. If you are not able to, please contact support at [email protected]


I am an Educator - Do you offer programs for Colleges & Universities?

Yes we do! Contact us for more information at [email protected] or 1-800-449-9984.


I'm worried about internet security, is your site secure?

Yes. 3Dream.net is a secure web site. To ensure you are signing on to a secure site, make sure the web address you are visiting begins with 'https' as 3Dream.net does. The 's' stands for secure. Any secure site will also have a certificate from VeriSign, Thawte or another certificate authority.

I am not very technical or computer savvy, is 3Dream complicated?

No. 3Dream is not complicated, unlike many other drafting & design programs. Its very existence comes from the desire of a very creative but non-technical industry (Interior Design) to have at its disposal a truly amazing design tool that is easy to learn and use. Our main task is letting you be extremely creative while only having to learn a few basic functions. If you browse the internet, or can send an email, you are ready! And with comments and suggestions from users, we will strive to only make it better.