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Account Information

Do I have to sign a contract? Am I locked in?

No. You do not have to sign a contract, or are locked in, unless you've opted to pay for a year's subscription in order to receive the discounted rate. If you choose to cancel or suspend your account, you must notify us at least 7 business days before your next billing date. Your service will remain active up to this date.

Is there a free trial period?

Yes. The 3Dream Basic account is free. But it does have limits on the number of projects, rooms, snapshots and clients which can be created and saved in 3Dream. There is also a limit on the amount and variety of 3D products and materials which can be viewed and used in your scenes. You may sign up with the free Basic account and upgrade to one of the professional accounts at anytime.

My company has many designers that want to use 3Dream. Can we have multiple accounts that I control?

Yes. You can have as few as 1 account, or as many as 1,000 sub accounts under the control of the master admin account. The master account contains the company information and lets you set up as many sub accounts as needed as well as letting you control access such as passwords, user names, etc.

Please NOTE: Only one user can be signed on at any one time, and all the projects will be accessible by anyone with access to your account.

Can I sign up for a year?

Yes. We will be offering a yearly pre-paid subscription. This will equal approximately 11 monthly charges, giving you a discount of 1 month over paying monthly. In addition to the discounted rate, yearly subscribers may also receive special features over those paying monthly. You can also sign up monthly. To review package options, please visit our corporate website ViewIT Technologies -https://www.viewittechnologies.com/online-store/Online-3Dream-c24607806