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I forgot my password. How can I get it sent to me?

Simply click on the Click here if you forgot your password link on the login page, and your current password will be sent to the email address that you registered your account with.

Is 3Dream comptible with an Ipad? Which tablets would work best for presentations?

You can create the 2 and 3D designs on your laptop, and then take various SNAPSHOTS in both 2 and 3D view and save these snapshots to your computer. These snapshots can now be inserted (copy/paste) into things like Powerpoint etc. or just displayed as a photo gallery on your iPad. The iPad does not (yet) have the horsepower needed to work with 3Dream, but can certainly be used for presentation purposes. Another method of presenting your 3D designs is creating the VR 360 images while in 3D view in 3Dream. Send these special VR 360 images via the submit button on the dashboard and we will return a VR 360 link to you for viewing on the iPad or even on your phone. You may also go a step further and view these links on your phone with the optional VR headsets. Very impressive!


Can I scan my own fabrics and use them in 3Dream?

Yes, now you may import your own fabrics, wallpaper, art images via the Material Upload Tool and use them in your 3D scenes. Images and textures should be .jpeg or .png image format and no larger than 500 KB. This feature allow you to bring in any 'flat image on the web - billions of materials, finishes, area rugs, fabrics, art, etc. to place in your designs!