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Can I use pictures of items I want in my design within 3Dream?

No. 3Dream uses 3d representations called models of real products. This allows you to select an item and rotate it to view it from any angle, or to walk around objects. Programs that allow you to bring in pictures do not allow this potential, and are limited to only the view of the picture imported. They would also not let y

Can I share my account with my clients?

Would you let your client have access to your email? The same privacy rules apply to your 3Dream account. We highly discourage you doing so, as clients you give access to would have control and full access to your account and all of your clients, projects and design works.

Can I print or email pictures from my 3Dream projects?

Certainly. That's the whole point. 3dream was designed to help you sell more of your projects or products faster. With that aim, 3Dream lets you take a digital photograph of any view and angle. Once taken, these images can then be printed, emailed or used within any of the automatic (editable) reports that will help you close the sale.

Can I change fabrics, paint colors, flooring types etc?

Yes! All that and much more!

I would like to see a list of vendors that are incorporated with the software. Is that list available on your site?

While we do have thousands of items represented in 3Dream, we do not have specific product catalogs of particular vendors. The way our users create their projects is to find items that are close in design to the items you are working with, and resize/apply new materials/add pillows etc. to make it reasonably close to the real item. As there are thousands of companies, millions of products it will be some time to have many vendors with complete (and up to date products). The good news is that forward-thinking vendors are now digitizing their products.

How easy is it to get started with 3Dream?

Ever learned how to ride a bike? Everything comes easily once you've learned it - 3Dream is no exception!