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Details for Interiors Professionals

Take design to a new level, with 3Dream

Create stunning room designs with 3Dream, our interactive online design tool. With realistic 3D models of manufacturer’s real world products – drag-and-drop furnishings, paint and accessories into your customer’s space – then generate an itemized shopping list of the products used in your design. Quickly convey and sell your ideas with full-screen, high-quality snap-shots. For beginner to pro, it’s just that easy.

Key Features:

High Quality 3D Models

3Dream uses the same technology as video games to create near photo-quality digital representations of real-world products

Real-Time 3D Navigation

Navigate anywhere in your scene using mouse and keyboard controls


Full screen, high quality snapshots, taken from any angle, can be printed, emailed or used in reports

Automatic Design Reports

Pre-formatted, editable report templates automatically record all items in your project scenes. Choose from a shopping list, image gallery, designer’s bio, and others!


With Internet Explorer, use 3Dream anywhere you have access to the Internet. Click here to see our system requirements

How it Works

The first step in 3Dream is to draw your floor plan in BP (Blue Print) view or open an existing room scene. In 2D view you can add windows, doors and furnishings. Finish it off in 3D view choosing from an ever growing selection of flooring, fabrics, lighting, rugs, art, accessories and more! It’s just that simple.

Getting Started

Try 3Dream Free for as long as you want with our Basic Account and upgrade at any time to unlock thousands of 3D furniture and accessories models, finishes, fabrics, construction materials and so much more. Professional accounts start at just $39.99/mo.

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Create walls and space plan in Blue Print view

Space plan and change materials in 2D view

Navigate, change materials, take snap-shots in 3D

Generate detailed reports, design proposals and shopping lists.
See a pdf Design Proposal example.

Designing and Selling with 3Dream

  • Design, source and manage all of your projects
  • Enhance your professional image to help your business grow and prosper
  • Replicate the clients exact space, design it, and then take them on a virtual tour
  • Design from a catalog of thousands of products and materials
  • Apply changes and view them instantly

About the Program

  • Design online – anywhere, anytime
  • Complete design package – no need to work in multiple programs
  • Drag-and-drop interface lets you design more, and faster than ever
  • No contract or set up fees
  • Automatic updates
  • Two account packages to choose from: Pro and Premium, offering different amounts of storage
  • No obligation – 30 day free trial offer (limited use restrictions apply)
  • Modeling service available – Need an item not available in 3Dream? Request it from your Dashboard

Reports and Snapshots

  • Automatically generated design reports keep track of all items in your scene
  • Print a shopping list report to take to the store
  • Customize your reports for each client
  • Bio page: customize with your design vision, company logo, images, and more
  • Snapshots: save, print or email room views taken from any angle


  • Easy to learn, simple to use
  • Web-based training available starting at $49.00 / hour
  • Live customer service during regular business hours 8:30-5pm EST
  • Online help section with video tutorials available 24/7

Have More Questions?

Contact us via email or give us a call - 1.800.449.9984 - we'd be glad to answer any questions you might have

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